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Musikmesse 2010: SPL to Launch Five New Products

March 24, 2010
DrumXchanger analog code plug-in

DrumXchanger analog code plug-in

SPL's five new-product launches at Musikmesse include the M/S Master management processor, Transpressor, RackPack 4 and DrumXchanger.

M/S Master features fully adjustable separation of L/R signals into middle/side signals; frequency filter for bass and room ambience control; stereo width control; and inserts for external processors. Users can switch their outboard from stereo to M/S processing with a single button and without cabling.

The Transpressor dynamics processor offers the Transient Designer and Twin Core Compressor; both modules can be used in any order. Transient processing starts at the limits of compression; e.g., to emphasize dynamic structures in spite of compression.

The RackPack frame for four modules comes with a mounting frame and power supply for up to four modules, and a lateral handle; fitting system for a 19-inch rack included. The New RackPack module is the Dual-Band De-Esser, where users can kick "S" with phase-cancellation techniques and is extremely sound-neutral. Auto-Threshold keeps processing level constant, even at varying microphone distances. Male/Female mode adapts to male or female voices.

The DrumXchanger analog code plug-in optimizes or replaces drum sounds in a mix. It replaces samples phase-accurately, and offers Transient Designer technology for level-independent recognition. DrumXchanger recognizes all drum hits, including the faintest ghost notes. Included are two complete Transient Designer processing stages and a high-quality 24-bit/96kHz SPL sample library.

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